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Watch how Your Picture and Message can turn into a Puzzle Cookie

- Your Message is first seen on the Box Lid -

- While your Picture turned into Puzzle Cookies -

- Your Mystery Puzzle Picture gets Assembled -

- Completed, it becomes a Treat or a Keepsake -

a group photo
an assembled puzzle cookie

Share Your Love with Someone Special

Imagine a Picture of yours crafted into a Sugar Cookie Puzzle that expresses feelings cherished by both of you.

You'll be giving more than a gift . . . you'll be reliving an emotional moment that's special and fun to assemble! 

With only a Puzzle Outline as a guide, they'll easily assemble the 20 piece Puzzle and see your picture develop right before their eyes!

assembling a cookie puzzle
 a close up of photo cookies

With your Picture beautifully transformed into a Puzzle, they'll have to decide whether it's a snack or a keepsake.

So, we've included samples for them to enjoy while assembling and save the Puzzle as a future memory.

These Cookies Look & Fit like a Regular Puzzle

Your Puzzle is a Mystery while being Assembled

Ready to Create a Sweet Memory? Let's Begin . . .

"A journey of cherished memories"  MaryLynn C. Springfield, VT

Your journey to crafting lasting connections starts here. Place your order today and let your personalized 8" X 10" Puzzle Cookie be the centerpiece of a sweet surprise.

"A surprise captured in every piece"  Cheryl T.  Nazarth, PA

"A treasure to savor, not just eat."  Barbara C.  San Diego, CA



boxed custom cookies

Have Questions or Special Requests? Reach Out to Us

Your concerns matter. Feel free to ask anything or share your personal vision by dropping us a message. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is as memorable as the gifts you share.

Thanks for submitting!

Endless Ways to Celebrate Connections

Each Puzzle tells a story. Find inspiration in our array of completed Puzzle images: from cherished family moments to favorite getaways, every piece brings its own magic. Celebrate relationships with creativity and care.

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